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Culture change and leadership development

Culture assessment
Assess the organization design elements that drive your business. Learn what's missing and what's needed to address the challenges of this new environment.

Culture change
Increase your organization's ability to achieve what matters most. Use individual, team and whole system methods to create a stronger, more agile culture.  

Leadership development and coaching
Give your leaders the tools they need to outperform in the market. Find breakthrough solutions to intractible problems.

Strategic planning
Develop plans that address current and emerging organizational needs. Use methods that bring key stakeholders into ownership and assure full commitment to goal achievement.

Financial realignment
Put your organization on a more solid financial footing. Through a team-based process, gain the financial fix you need while increasing morale and a sense of ownership.

Team development
Pull your team together. Strengthen your team's performance in meeting your organization's challenges.

Retreat facilitation 

Engage your team in innovative ways that help them move to a higher level of performance in preparing for what's next. 

Organizational constellations
Discover the hidden dynamics behind your organization's functioning. Make better decisions to get the results you want in hiring and succession planning; product, service, or R&D development; setting your strategic direction; board relations; and other areas.  

Personal and leadership constellations
Learn the hidden dynamics that hold a leader's limitations in place, and clear the path for stunningly better performance at work and beyond.

Culture change and leadership development

Building a foundation for leader effectiveness
Learn the five elements that form the foundation for leader effectiveness, based on the most powerful research available. Develop the skills to put them immediately to use, in ways that will be visible to the people who matter most in your system.

Getting results
Learn how to hold crucial conversations and create conditions for accountability, both essential to getting the results you want.

Designing a resilient culture
Based on the key elements of good organization design, learn how to use vision, engagement,  and connecting mechanisms to help your culture grow stronger, healthier, and more productive.

Harnessing hidden dynamics for organizational change
Using the newly-emerging constellation method, see the hidden dynamics that stand in the way of progress, and potentially, make the shifts that will make movement possible.

Harnessing hidden dynamics for decision-making
Using the new constellation methodology, learn the invisible forces at play in the choices that matter. Find the solution that will solve the problem. Make the best choice in strategic decisions.

Harnessing hidden dynamics to develop strong leaders
Using the powerful new constellation method, find the hidden dynamics that block progress, and potentially, make the shifts that will change your life for the better.

Harnessing hidden dynamics in personal constellations
Gaining insight for personal growth and learning.


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