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Breakthrough approach

See through a systemic lens.

The constellation method has brought resolution to some of the most intractable problems of our lives. Because they provide a systemic lens that allows people to see hidden dynamics, there is an explosion of interest around the world in this cutting edge process. It provides a safe and profound way of seeing the deep, recurring patterns that echo through our systems.

Organizational constellations


Solve systemic problems.
Organizational constellations allow you to see how the emotional operating system of your organization works. A penetrating methodology, constellations allow you to look at the hidden dynamics that hold your most demanding problems in place.  Seeing the obstacle and the path to clearing it can result in movement more rapid than you can imagine. 

Find the obstacle and the path to resolution.
Status of essential relationships
Viability of different strategies
Customer needs
Organization design
Strategic planning
Leadership selection
Leadership derailment issues
Conflict resolution
Personal constellations 

Constellation articles and workshops  

Uncover the issues.
Sometimes people have problems that don't respond to traditional approaches, or symptoms that just don't make sense for them. They may be entangled, unconsciously, with someone for whom the symptoms do make sense. Unresolved issues from their family's past may show up as confusing personal or professional problems.Constellations can lead to powerful insights and transformative change.

Find freedom.            
Goal achievement

A Science of the Soul, by Hetherington and Hostetler    


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