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Betsy Hostetler, Ph.D.

Dr. Hostetler is Principal of Hostetler Consulting, focusing on culture change, leadership development, and the constellation work that fosters it. She helps leaders mobilize their teams for greater goal achievement by talking more openly, focusing on what matters most, and collaborating to find better ways of doing business. 

Dr. Hostetler served as Director of Human Resource Development for the University of Maryland Medical System from 1996 -2009. She forged new territory in culture change and leadership development using innovative methods that translated growth into business results. Previously, Dr. Hostetler served as Director of Organizational Development at The American University from 1982-1996. She organized a process improvement culture change effort resulting in significant operational changes, as well as initiatives to increase employee ownership and engagement, leadership development and training at all levels. She is a founding member of The Constellations Group, facilitating in-depth change. 

Hostetler’s clients include the University of Maryland Consulting Group, National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Education, Health Care Finance Administration, U.S. Department of Justice, Health and Human Services of Montgomery County, Finance Administration of University of Maryland, and Synthonics. 

Her contributions include:

Culture change – Designed and facilitated a strategy that moved Denison survey scores 5-7% a year for five years, noted as a remarkable achievement, with significant impact on bottom-line performance.

Financial realignment - Designed and facilitated a team-based process improvement intervention resulting in a $14.6M savings in nine months; facilitated senior leader collaboration resulting in $5M.

Leader development and coaching – Developed and delivered scores of programs at senior and mid- levels, including 14-month project-based program resulting in significant operational improvements. Developed recent training on accountability and crucial conversations.

Strategic planning- Developed strategies to bring directors, managers and staff into the planning process; increased ownership for plans; developed extensive program integrating strategic planning and team-building.

Cultural diversity – Designed and facilitated five-year diversity culture change effort, including formation of a Diversity Council and Center-wide respect conversations.

Employee engagement – Developed all-team briefings, dialogues, and cross-departmental conversations as a communication strategy for senior executives, resulting in improved morale.

Hostetler earned her doctorate in counseling and development, with honors, from The American University. She studied in The American University/National Training Laboratory for the Behavioral Sciences Program (AU/NTL), and completed a Masters in Guidance and Counseling at The College of William and Mary. She is published in the Organizational Development Journal, special edition on Best Global Practices in Internal OD, on leadership development programs; Organizational Development Practioner, on organizational constellations; and in The Promise of Diversity, now required text in many universities, on original research that breaks new ground in defining the crucial elements of leadership effectiveness.

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